Cloth Bowl

$220.00 USD

Design:  Simulation Engine and Hand Modelling

Material: Slip Casted ceramics, Metallic Paint.

Measurements Cm: 35 x 35 x 9.5 

Measurement In: 14 x 14 x 4

Cloth Bowl is an attempt to create a design piece from a simulation of a falling piece of cloth. In its design phase I iterated over the cloth characteristics hundreds of times, changing properties of both the cloth and the world it was living in.

Things like gravity, wind, material properties and friction all had to reach a perfect balance to arrive at the shape I was looking for, which was then refined by hand to create the final design of a piece of cloth, suspended in midair and eternally falling.

--Isaac Katz

The production process of a ceramics piece is fascinating to see unfold. First the original design is 3d printed to create the 'master template' from which the master mold will be made. Liquid ceramic mix is poured and let sit in order to harden, the piece then emerges from the mold in a 'green' state. It is polished and then fired in an oven to 'cook'.

The cooked piece is then glazed via a special process and then put in the oven a second time in order for the glaze to take hold. The finished piece then emerges from the oven, finally it is painted with a metallic paint, varnished with a protective gloss and finished by hand in order to arrive at the final piece.

Shipping is a flat $35 insured DHL courier service anywhere in the world.

Production time - all our pieces are made to order and are sent to production the moment you place the order. Please allow 2 weeks production times for most pieces to ship. Sometimes we have some pieces in stock, if you would like to inquire what we have in stock or need a rush order please contact us.

Care - Please note that the production process of all ceramic pieces is a hand made, craft process, and as such small blemishes and other minor imperfections are a natural part of the process. What you see on the videos and photos is what you can expect to get, but there will always be slight variations in color and small surface imprefections. 

Please note that the primary purpose of the pieces is decorative. Even though all effort has been taken to protect the piece as much as possible the varnish that is applied to it is not weatherproof, and leaving the piece outside or exposing it to water will cause wear on the paint.

Returns - If for whatever reason you are not sattisfied with the piece you have 2 weeks from the time it was delivered to return it in like-new condition. Once we receive the piece and verify its condition a full refund will be issued to your original payment method. Return postage is responsability of the sender.

What is Slip Casted Ceramics?
Slip casted ceramics is a process used to create ceramic pieces from a master mold, by pouting liquid ceramic mix into the mold and letting it harden for a set amount of time. The piece is then glazed and cooked in a high temperature oven. This method of production is very labor intensive and requires very skilled craftsmen to complete, due to the many steps involved in the process and the frail nature of the piece while it's being worked on.

How durable are ceramic pieces?
With the proper care, ceramic pieces can last a very long time. There are ceramic pieces being unearthed today that are thousands of years old. Composite ceramics were used in the space shuttle has heat shields. It is one of the most durable materials known to man (but if you drop it, it will still break ;).

How were these pieces designed?
All the pieces you see here were created by artist Isaac Katz using a simulation engine or with parametric design tools as a starting point. These are only tools at the end of the day and Isaac chooses to use them because he can achieve his vision with them, not because of anything special about the tools themselves.
This specific collection he chose to do in ceramics because of his love for the material.