Is It A Photo? 
In short, no. it is not a photo. It is not even a digitally manipulated photo. For most of the artworks you see here no photographic images or reference were ever used. 
So what is it? It's a different form of art, one that deals in the simulation of digital universes. It is done by creating these unique worlds inside the computer and simulating their evolution through time. In some ways it resembles a lot our world, in other important ways it does not. It is a blank canvas in which to create anything you can imagine. It is a Canvas of the Imagination. 
For an essay diving deep into the topic please see here 
What is a Digital C Print 
The term C print stands for Chromogenic color prints. These are full color photographic prints made using traditional chemicals and processes. For Digital C prints, the material is exposed using lasers or LED lights. 
Is it possible to get the work framed other than the recess mount? 
Yes it is, we can offer a variety of frames from modern to traditional. It is also possible to order the art without the recess mount and frame it yourself locally.

What is a Limited Edition Work and how big are the editions.
All my pieces are limited editions works, meaning I only produce a certain amount and after that the work is never produced again. This ensures that the work holds it value and as my name becomes known perhaps appreciates through time.

My standard edition size is 95 pieces, I chose this size because I feel is strikes a good balance between the work required to produce the art (some pieces take my months), the price point at which most people are likely to buy it, and the exclusivity of the piece. All important points that must be taken into account.

That being said there are a few pieces which are 195, and some that are only 10. If you are curious about an individual piece please contact us.