KATZ is an art and design studio. We make things which we hope are beautiful, interesting, unique.
My passion lies in the decorative arts. You won't find caricatures of pop culture here, or the incomprehensible abstract text that goes along with them (that is to say, this is not contemporary art as is commonly regarded). 
What you will find are objects and pieces which we hope will inspire and enlighten the surroundings in which they are placed. 
We have limited edition and open edition works in a variety of materials from cast stainless steel to 3d printed carbon fiber. 
The prices range from a few hundred dollars to a few hundred thousand. Each piece is made with the same care and attention, bearing the same artistic seal and created by the same person (me). 
Everything you see here is created with simulation engines and procedural techniques, with some good old fashioned digital hand modeling thrown in for good measure (for a deep dive into what that means and why it's not just hyperbole see here).
I pour my heart into my work every day. I hope you like it.