Aqua Vitae


Drop of Spirit.

There is something magical about the shape a drop creates when falling onto a body of water. It is a classic form, full of dynamism and peace at the same time.


All the work you see here is produced in Kodak Endura Metallic Archive Quality Paper in a Lighjet printer. The highest fidelity, biggest chromatic range printing process ever developed. 
Photosensitive paper exposed with lasers, developed in a darkroom, encapsulated in acrylic and recesses mounted for what I consider the ultimate way to own and display the art.

All pieces are made to order. Custom sizes available - just Get In Touch with your specific size. 


  • Digital C Print Facemounted on Acrylic
  • Kodak Endura Metallic Archive Paper
  • Dibond Aluminum Backing
  • Limited Edition Work Signed and Numbered by the Artist


Free US Fedex Ground Shipping with the purchase of any artwork. For all other locations please Contact Us to get a shipping quote.


Try the artwork in your house risk free for 3 months. If for whatever reason you don't love it, return it for a full refund. See details below. 

Each work starts as a process of exploration, creating and destroying worlds in an endless quest for beauty.

The process takes place inside a blank digital canvas, a universe where anything is possible. It's a place where the laws of physics bend, where the evolution of a living system unfolds in minutes instead of aeons.

Matter appears and disappears. Is transformed. Transmuted.

What remains is a glimpse of eternity, a stolen instant of a living world never to be seen again.


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