Ocean Panels


A sculptural wall panel inspired in the movements of the ocean. Using advanced procedural techniques the movement of the ocean is captured and frozen in time to reveal a unique beauty hidden amidst the chaos.  


This piece is 3d printed in a high performance resin then primed and painted gold.

All pieces are made to order. Custom sizes available, including multi panel artworks - just Get In Touch with your specific size. 

Please note - The joy and challenge of working with 3d printing is making possible the creation of pieces which would otherwise remain a dream. Each piece is produced and inspected by the artist and will only ship once it has passed thorough quality inspection, however inherent in the manufacturing process is the risk of small surface defects, which although will not distract or compromise the artwork may nevertheless be visible to the scrutinizing eye. 


  • 3D Printed Polylactic Acid Base
  • Metallic Gold Paint


Shipping worldwide.

Free Photo Montage:

Thinking of a space for a piece and would like to see how it looks prior to purchase? Email Us photos and we'll do a free montage of the piece on your space.


Try the artwork in your house risk free for 3 months. If for whatever reason you don't love it, return it for a full refund. See details below. 

Each work starts as a process of exploration, creating and destroying worlds in an endless quest for beauty.

The process takes place inside a blank digital canvas, a universe where anything is possible. It's a place where the laws of physics bend, where the evolution of a living system unfolds in minutes instead of aeons.

Matter appears and disappears. Is transformed. Transmuted.

What remains is a glimpse of eternity, a stolen instant of a living world never to be seen again.

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