Swirl Vase


Design:  Fluid Simulation Engine and Hand Modelling

Material: Slip Casted ceramics, Metallic Paint.

Measurements Cm: 29 x 29 x 45 

Measurement In: 11 x 11 x 18

Swirl Vase started life as a Fluid Simulation inside a computer. Initial parameters such as gravity, viscocity and turbulence were set in order to achieve a very specific kind of simulation result, which you can see in the video at the end of the slideshow. 

Once I had the simulation part, I proceeded to distort it manually using digital sculpting programs in order to finish the piece. I fell in love with the lines it created.. the contours of the vase flowing in a never ending curve giving it an air of a fluid vortex eternally in motion. 

--Isaac Katz


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